Advancing open access to research

In 2020, scientists in Germany published nearly 23,000 articles in the journals of Springer Nature and Wiley. The vast majority of authors (over 95%) used the open access option enabled by the DEAL agreements and published their articles under a free license, without transferring exclusive rights to the publisher. Thanks to the DEAL agreements, around a third of all German research results published annually in peer-reviewed scientific journals are now freely accessible so that this body of knowledge can be re-used in a variety of ways to benefit science and society.

Together with the steadily growing proportion of publications in fully (gold) open access journals by these and other scholarly publishers, nearly 50% of Germany’s scientific article output is made immediately and freely available and open access publishing increasingly becomes the standard in scientific communication. Learn more about the progress of enabling open access to research in 2020 under the DEAL agreements with Wiley and Springer Nature.

Lists comprising DOIs for the articles published under each of the DEAL agreements in 2020 are available for download on the relative agreement pages, or can be downloaded directly through the following links:

Springer Nature article list 2020
Wiley article list 2020